Toyin Umesiri is the Author of "Mindset of an Entrepreneur: Strategies, Skills and Mindset for Achieving Business Growth and Success". She is an International Business Consultant, Executive Coach, Supply Chain Strategist, Founder and CEO of Nazaru and Convener of the acclaimed Trade with Africa Business Summit. She provides Business Support to Entrepreneurs and Advisory and Consulting Services to Government Agencies and Multilateral Institutions.

Prior to her Entrepreneurship journey, Toyin served as a top strategist at the Headquarters of Fortune #1, Walmart, and as a Supply Chain Expert at Whirlpool Corporation. Through her advanced training programs, global events and platforms, she connects, educates and empowers her stakeholders through Capacity Building, Skill Development and Market Linkages for Economic impact.

Toyin's distinguished big-business experience and global perspective will help you accelerate your Business Growth and Success. She brings to you 360° Business Development principles, Growth Strategies and original Frameworks to help you learn how to build, grow and scale your business both locally and internationally.


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