5 Success Principles for your Next Level Results

"What does success mean to you? "

I am making an assumption that by reading today's newsletter you already know what success means to you... if not take a moment to reflect on that before you continue reading. The principles I will share with you below are what I believe will lead you closer to achieving your definition of success. They are universal in nature and applies to everyone.

Unfortunately, if you do not know where you are going a guide or a map is of little use to you. I have found that those who are already on a journey to success and searching for a guide or coach generally appreciate my content better and are more motivated and inclined to reflect on or act on the principles I share. Others I believe usually dismiss them. My hope today is that it will positively impact at least one person because only then would the effort be worth it.

So, let's go!

  • (1) Your Network - you have heard it said that your network is your net-worth but I have found this not to be true for everyone. This only becomes true if you know how to (1) build a network that holds value relevant to your area of advancement (2) you also know how to extract the value from it. As example: if you pulled out your phone right now do you have people on it that you can call to open doors for you? Would they move on your behalf? Would they make a significant introduction for you? Do they care about your growth and will they actively help you to achieve your desired level of success? If you cannot answer yes to these questions it only means that you may need to work harder and smarter for it. It is not enough to know someone or someone know you - the key question is - would they come when you ask them to show up? Would they move their teams for you? I have many stories on how I apply this from engaging with the most powerful people in the world; presidential advisers, Ambassadors, World Bank Chief Economist, United Nations and country delegates and more - this principle continues to apply.

  • (2) Your Communication skills - No matter who you are if you cannot effectively communicate your desires, goals and intentions you will be limited in the level of impact that you can have. Words move people. Well-crafted words in written or spoken form is how work gets done. From your email skills to presentation to speeches do not under estimate the power that they hold towards achieving your success. You undermine it to your own detriment. Those who rise to the top are master orators and wordsmiths. You cannot lead without being able to communicate to those you wish to follow you and your work. Take this one from me!

  • (3) Your Community - humans have a tendency to go off course when they do not have support. Many people want to believe that they can achieve success single handedly - I laugh - it is impossible! For you to succeed you need support and at a minimum you need to be in a community with others heading in similar directions, who share your same beliefs and passions. Their presence alone in your life will motivate you to keep moving forward. This applies not only in business but in other areas as well. It is why we embed ourselves in Churches, Schools, Clubs and more. It is why I established platforms like the Trade Network, Entrepreneur Academy and the 360 Woman. You need a community to rob minds with, sharpen your ideas, motivate you on. Do not be alone because even lonely lions in the jungle will be eaten alive. Get into a community!

  • (4) Your Skills - The value of the skills you have determines those you can attract. If you have low level skills you will attract those with low level offers. If you acquire high-level skills, you will also attract high level offers. It is that simple. You need to invest in "upskilling" yourself if you want to increase their market value. We are all scanning the world in a way to see what people bring to the table. If you show up with nothing to offer you will be completely dismissed. I teach and coach on various topics and the testimonials I receive from both government and business leaders is why I keep investing time in that area of the business. Those who attend my classes transform before my eyes because they go from not knowing to understanding the universe of possibilities for their own future.

"You don't know what you don't know so seek to always know as much as you can "know." Toyin Umesiri

(5) Your ability to work with others - your success is heavily dependent on how well you can work with people. Do people like working with you, listening to you or engaging with you? If they do not be rest assured that they will always find ways to walk around you, over you and not through you. Human to Human interaction is the currency of success. You have to learn how to lead up, down, across and beyond your industry. Your reach and influence is in direct proportion to how great you are in developing Human 2 Human connections and meaningful engagements.

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