AfCFTA Trade Launch, Updates and Implementation Resources

As the New Year draws closer I wanted to share with you ways to position yourself, your brand and business to win in the coming year. Covid-19 impacted global markets in various ways and the global supply chain is being reset which creates new and dynamic opportunities for those who step forward to reap the benefits. Here are four ways to Win in the coming year:

  • The AfCFTA is about increasing productivity on the African Continent, Youth Empowerment and integrating women into the mainstream of regional and global trade. Women control most of the informal sector so formalizing trade across Africa cannot be achieved without the inclusion of women at all levels.

Large businesses across Africa have a higher capacity to access trade information, resources and investments they need to immediately craft their continent-wide market penetration strategy to take advantage of this trade deal. However, MSMEs, which make up the base of Africa, are struggling and will continue to struggle if no immediate Export development and Market Entry interventions are put in place. At the grassroots level, local engagement is required to unlock opportunities for the youth and Master plans developed at the Federal, State and Local levels for a country such as Nigeria.

Here are programs we at Nazaru have in place to support and help your advance your AfCFTA implementation efforts:

1) The AfCFTA Trade and Investment Facilitation Masterclass – this was launched in 2020 and has been deployed to 14 African Countries to help accelerate adoption and implementation of the AfCFTA. The 3 hour E-Course is available for purchase here -

2) The 2nd edition of the AfCFTA Roundtable can now be accessed as well as videos from previous editions at

3) SMEs looking to restructure their businesses for regional and global market access can register for our SME Training program coming up this month here -

At Nazaru LLC. we remain committed to trade and investment stakeholders to achieve win-win engagements. Contact us today for inquiry on how we can help you too achieve your trade and investment mission and vision. Company website: | Email: | Phone (331)725-2963 | Trade with Africa® Network (Membership based):