💰Attracting Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) to African Nations

"The World Knows What it wants from Africa but Does Africa Know What It Wants from the rest of the World...?" Toyin Umesiri

You may not agree with me but in the world of FDI and Investment Promotion - just having a desire does not mean you will achieve your goals. Largely speaking, African nations have yet to put their money where their mouth is... For all the talk about attracting investments and bringing in FDI, I have yet to see the level of seriousness required to actually pull this off.

Articulating your investment needs needs to be a priority. Creating a global marketing campaign is a must. Finding and connecting with trade and investment stakeholders and pitching regions and projects to them is the key.

Global competition is at an all time high and regions are ramping up to secure post-Covid market expansion and Africa is missing still! The promotion activities needed to attract FDI has to be driven through strong political will and private sector partnerships. The level of investment needed to actualize the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) will largely have to come from outside Africa. Unfortunately global stakeholders are still trying to figure out how to engage and even if to engage. African leaders have yet to fully articulate why the world must invest in the next economic powerhouse...

China gets it! In 2019 I was invited to attend one of China's exclusive private reception and investment promotion activities here in the USA for Zibo City...

Watch short video clip below that I took by myself during this event and notice how the vision of Zibo City was well articulated and presented...​

I thoroughly enjoyed their presentation and had the opportunity to engage and connect with delegates from China. Also during this private session several MOUs were signed between my County and Zibo City. It was a SUCCESS! In fact one of the reasons I had been invited to this exclusive and closed to the public event was because my County leadership wanted to show me what they could potential do with/for Africa - they had listened to me and wanted to show that they were also open to develop mutually beneficial engagements... with and for Africa.

So what does Success look like for African Nations?

We developed the Trade with Africa® Framework to help drive trade and investment conversations as I have mapped sector specific opportunities for investors looking to expand to Africa. Also conversations with investors over the years guide how I engage and I am now ready to take this on a road show.

Join the Trade with Africa® Network - https://www.nazaru.trade to engage further and also Contact us for any inquiry or if I can help you articulate and achieve your trade and investment vision. Email info@nazaru.com