Chicago - Africa Business XChange: Commercial Opportunities in Entertainment, Agriculture & Trade

... Lights, Camera, Action! Chicago; the city that brought you Oprah, President Obama and countless many global leaders is looking to expand trade with Africa!!!! Ok - I know that I am being dramatic - smiles - but Yes! The ground work has been put in place through strategic business alliances to serve as a bridge that connects Africa's trade and investment stakeholder to this international city. all started when I moved from Bentonville, Arkansas to Chicago in the fall of 2018... Not only did I physically relocate but I also brought with me to this region all my "crazy ideas" and projects. I immediately got to work introducing myself and my work to leaders in the region. I'll be honest - Chicago is a tough location to crack! It is run based primarily on relationships - nobody knew me or my work when I first arrived - I had to earn my way and the trust of business and policy makers here...

I braced it and marched forward and in 2019 I successfully held the 2nd Edition of the Trade with Africa Business Summit in this region - held at McDonald's Executive Campus/Resort and Training Center called: The Hamburger University. It was one of the most challenging projects I have worked on and was a huge success with H.E. Ambassador Albert Muchanga, Commissioner for Trade and Industry at the African Union (AU) and his team here from AU HQ in Addis Ababa to deliver a resounding keynote on the AfCFTA. Here is a video highlight:

Everyday I get pulled into dynamic conversations and explorations - on one of such I engaged with policy makers in Kenya and they shared with me their interest in collaborating with America in the Entertainment space... same came from Nigeria and South-Africa. I took that conversation to leaders in Chicago and they did confirm that this city offers incredible scenery and movie studios that rivals those in Hollywood at a fraction of the cost - "yes.." they said - "...we are open to exploring and collaborating with Africa's movie Directors and Actors who wish to shoot movies in this city or work with our world-class production teams..."

Ah! An idea was born! What would such an engagement look like?

Over the past few months I have engaged privately to draft, redraft and discuss concepts of what a Chicago - Africa engagement would look like. For me to proceed I needed it to be results focused - something tangible and with measurable impact. We would bring together specific leaders from specify sectors, each to present what Africa has to offer Chicago through collaborations and in turn what Chicago has to offer Africa in B2C, B2B and B2G partnerships. This event will be on Nazaru's Trade and Investment Network to facilitate pre and post event real time engagement 24/7. You are invited to register! Learn more at

I've been told there is much to unravel in my world - yes that is so true - if you stick with me you are in for a ride...

Below are more highlights:

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