🌐Do you Have a Strong Trade & Investment Network?

I have heard it all:- "I need an investor" "I need a buyer" "I need a distributor" "I seek bankable projects" "I need trade financing" "I seeking a trusted trade partner" "I need you to introduce me to xyz government official..."

On and on and on... Everyone seems to be able to articulate what they want.... they show up demanding what they want but what they are yet to realize is that developing and implementing an effective long term strategy is key to attracting what they actually desire and achieving their trade and investment goals.

When it comes to regional and international trade development there are unfortunately no overnight successes! Those who win have a plan in place, they set resources aside and invest time to grow a strong network of trade and investment stakeholder to expand their reach and improve their effectiveness in capturing opportunities.

So why do you need to invest in building a strong Network?

The reason is because we only do business with people we know and trust. It takes time for mutually beneficial relationships to develop and begin to translate to business and commercial opportunities for both parties.

Buyers buy when they know you have the capacity to fulfil their demands.

Investors invest when they know and trust you and they believe from their due diligence that their investments will be protected...

I continue to find that those who know you and those who you know will be the key to unlocking trade opportunities. When they see you and engage with you only then can they begin to explore opportunities to work with you. It therefore becomes very important to build such networks for yourself.

I can be considered to be a master "networker" and because I know my power and influence I work hard to create such culture within the community I lead. It is one of the reasons I host events such as the Trade with Africa Business Summit because I have seen first hand lives changed whenever I choose to open my own network and allow it to be accessed by my community members.

We all become stronger when we have access and also can be accessed...

Through my platforms my community members secure exclusive access to leaders that they naturally may never be able to reach... They immediately engage at the highest level because of my generosity - the World Bank Chief Economist on Africa during his wrap up message at the inaugural event of the TWA Summit highlighted same in video below the importance of having a strong network. (video link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYkNqF-sIZU)

Over the past 18months the Trade with Africa® Network has continued to grow attracting the best of the best when it comes to regional and global trade with Africa. The Network is a closed private subscription based membership. Members Network with one another to build strategic alliances and this week we highlight the latest member to join us: Mr. Joseph Davis, Sr. - South African Honorary Council for the State of Wisconsin - South African Consulate General.

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