Expand to International Markets!🌍🔥

It has never been easier to go global! So what then could be holding you back?

The World is FLAT with the power of the internet. Globalization is also REAL however, many around the world continue to be excluded from global and international trade opportunities. Are the problems systemic, conditional or economic? I would say a bit of all but those who choose to pursue such opportunities need not be discouraged.

Yesterday, on my Weekly LIVE SHOW I engaged with Sam Onanda from the African Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, China. Among several topics we discussed China-Africa Trade relations, Impact of US-China Trade war on Africa, Diaspora engagement, US relations (or lack of it) with the African Diaspora in driving trade and what it takes to secure international and global opportunities.

The biggest callout for me was realizing the massive investments that the Chinese Government was making not only on the African Continent but in the African Diaspora living in China. The US, UK and Canadian governments can all learn a thing or two from such strategic moves to secure goodwill and also leverage the African Diaspora such as myself in serving as effective catalyst to use our influence and reach to drive and bridge trade gaps between host country (in my case US) and back to home country in Africa.

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