FB, WhatsApp, Instagram Outage - What did it mean for your Business?

"Strategy is Everything!"

The power of social media is felt all over the world. Yesterday in particular showed the world how much influence and power social media platforms have not only in business but also in how we stay connected. If you are still in the camp of those wondering how massive digital disruption is on modern civilization just imagine what would happen if the FB, WhatsApp & Instagram outage lasted say for more than a week. Digital will continue to increasingly affect the future of the world. We are only at the beginning stages so fasten your seatbelt because digital is here to stay!

Do you have a solid business strategy around your use of Social media?

"Is social media using you or are you using social media?"

A few years ago, I revamped my entire social media strategy and yesterday made me appreciate the changes I had implemented over time. I will share 5 reasons why I changed my use of social media and established my own external platforms in hopes that they may help you as well.

(1) My 'Body of Work' deserved a home: In January of 2019 I was deeply frustrated with how social platforms handled my "content". I had spent the previous year creating and sharing extremely valuable content online and yet as 2018 rolled off and 2019 came I asked myself what I had to show for all the work I had put in the previous year. It was then that I knew something had to change. The life cycle of content on social media went from few minutes to few hours and then it was "dead". I began to search for a home that would catalog my content so that even in the future others could access and reference my Body of work. I concluded that social offered temporary solution for sharing but I needed something more permanent and that led to the establishment of the Trade with Africa Network platform which now houses over 2 years worth of work that is also searchable by any new member that joined today!​

(2) My 'Digital Assets' hold incredible value: If you don't know the value of what you have you will throw it away or let others disrespect it. I am a custodian of a knowledgebase that so many around the world need to transform their economies. I have had the honor of hosting leading experts in business and government and much of that knowledge is not available elsewhere in the concentration that we have it. Just as you would treasure and keep your assets it is the same thing I realized that social media did not place the same value that I did on my work so I had to take charge of it for myself.

(3) Transformation does not happen overnight: If you are selling consumables then this may not apply but if you are selling transformation then you know that it takes time for transformation to complete its circle. I often joke that social media is not where you become a doctor or dentist. Over the past year I have designed programs that cannot be delivered on social media - those who wish to immerse themselves now have a community to grow and access resources and support that they need.

(4) Authenticity: Social media controls how people behave - this is my theory that many now feel that in order to sell and get attention they have to do things that they do not want to... There is a balance in this since building a business requires us to stretch beyond our comfort zone however I also believe that when moral lines are crossed it is up to each leader to draw the line. It is exactly what I have had to do so no matter what people say is the "next thing" to do to gain attention, I will excuse myself from it if it doesn't feel right with who I am. By building a community off social media I remain in control and determine how I want to show up.

(5) Culture: There is much noise and distraction on social media. To nurture my community and to build a culture of learning I realized that I could not do this effective on social media. I continue to host important engagements and discussions in our own community where like minded individuals can connect to advance their business, trade and investment goals.

Social media is important but remember that passion and consistency will win but also invest time in building the right strategies first so that you know you are moving down the right path for you, your business and your community.

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