Learn How to WIN under the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA)

Beginning on January 1st, 2021, trading under the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) will begin. Are you ready to win and drive trade and investment leveraging the opportunities it offers?

In October of 2020, I had the opportunity, in partnership with the African Union - Department of Trade and Industry, to create and deliver the AfCFTA Trade and Investment Facilitation Masterclass to Economic Officers of African Countries to help them prepare to leverage this policy.

As we are now only days to this official launch it is important that we continue to mobilize, sensitize and educate both the private sector and policy leaders and because of this I have created the opportunity to expand this masterclass to as many people with responsibility for advancing trade and investment. For a limited time you can apply for FREE access to the 2.5hr video of this Masterclass HERE to learn how you and your team can win under the AfCFTA.

At Nazaru we are committed to advancing both regional and global trade with Africa and our platforms and the Trade with Africa® Network offer trade and investment stakeholders opportunities to find buyers, sellers, access resources and training for capacity development.

Thank you to everyone that attended the Q & A Info Session on Friday, December 18th where I addressed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on advancing trade with Africa. You can access a clip below from that session.

The Full 1hr 30mins session recording is also available for those who missed it on NAZARU.TV For inquiry email us at info@nazaru.com