Monetization, Commercialization and Value Creation: Path to National & Individual Wealth🛍️💰

Last week I was pulled yet into another conversation to offer my "commercialization perspective". This time it lasted 2 hours and the topic was with leadership of a certain African country's (not naming) ongoing exploration to advance Sports and Tourism exchange with a certain Latin American nation (not naming). The idea had been presented to top officials and there was already buy-in and what they were now challenged with and needed our help on was securing sponsorships, partnerships and making sure that they could extract maximum commercial value from such engagement.

Isn't that the difficult part?

Having ideas is human right - I think... Everyone should have one or two or more... You get the point. So if ideas are evenly distributed globally what then is the gap? Resources to extract value from are not evenly distributed and the MINDSET and EXPERIENCE required to generate maximum value is also not. And this is the gap that regions around the world face and I see every day!

Just having resources - which Africa has an abundance of - is not enough! You need to have the right mindset and expertise to Monetize and Commercialize your ideas and natural resources - without it you are left with everything in its raw and natural state. This is the new path that will generate national and individual wealth over the coming years - we have seen such in China, Dubai - i.e. the emergence of greatness out of "nothingness". It is a mindset shift and emerging markets must embrace and prioritize this for rapid industrialization for economic development.

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----- During my live show yesterday, I engaged with Clint Lazenby of Legacy Retail. Clint and I go way back from my days at Walmart. We discussed complexities in the Supply Chain and impact of Covid-19 on US Retail. You can catchup below if you missed it.