Promote Your Trade with Africa!

"If you don't know who you are people would tell you who to be... "

I believe that there are not enough spaces and platforms on the global stage where the strengths, accomplishments, tenacity, resilience, creativity and ingenuity of people of African heritage are showcased and celebrated. Since I am on a mission of advancing business, trade and investments in and with Africa and I usually share with people that 'trade with Africa' is actually 'trade with Africans'! There is truly no 'Africa rising' without the rising of Africans.

We only do business with people we know, like and trust and at the core of the business communities I continue to grow, through my work, is the mutual understanding of culture and our shared experiences. I have found that you must tell your story for others to connect with you. Telling it from your own unique perspective is very powerful because how you see the world is as valid as anyone else's. I see my diversity as an advantage. I can see new and emerging trends that is easily ignored by others, which can be translated into commercial gains if invested in - isn't that how businesses emerged in places such as India and China? They chose to solve their own unique trade barriers and in doing so built commercial enterprises. Africa is next!

I have launched a new livestreamed show that is designed as a space for great conversations on trade with Africa, business, life, leadership and international trade development. It is my attempt to step away from behind my work to share insights and to also engage live with followers. Also on this show, I have created the opportunity to advertise and promote products with African content or created by those with African heritage. We will start with this format first and evolve and grow it over time. Learn more at

Toyin Umesiri served as strategist to executives at Walmart. She is the founder of Nazaru and Business, Trade and Investment Platforms. She connects, empowers and educates Business and Government stakeholders and helps them achieve their commercial goals through her consulting .and coaching practice.