- You can read my 5 year old post here - http://www.toyinumesiri.com/walmart-grocery-pickup

My write up was so powerful and convincing that the leadership at Walmart asked if I would help document my words in video format - I agreed and sad yes! This was the future and I wanted to be a part of it! With movie producers from Hollywood at my house, I shared the story of how I felt this solution was a gamechanger. My video was played for the Company Officers and leveraged to secure the consensus needed to invest in this solution and then rolled it out through the entire chain of 4,000 plus stores across the U.S.

"My senior leadership called me a local hero because it was a big challenge for such a pilot project to secure the type of board level support to build and invest in the future of retail. Walmart can not turn on a dime - but by having the foresight to invest and prepare for the future - they were more prepared than most when Covid-19 hit." Toyin Umesiri

Watch the ad we created from 5 years ago - it has a modern feel to it still and you would almost think it was created yesterday - it was not - this is what it means to help create the future. You prepare so that you can be ready to reap the benefits while others struggle...

So what does Walmart have to do with Africa?

You see, around the same time this video was made I lost my father and had to make an emergency trip to Nigeria. I had been gone from the continent for more than a decade - that one trip changed my life. Upon my return to Arkansas I became extremely restless and dissatisfied - my world had been rocked and I felt the need to shift. I had written a mini biography of my father and diving into such made me realize that there was more for me to do... I wasn't sure what I would do back then but I began with researching U.S. trade with Africa.

Working at the Headquarters of a $500B trade based company gave me unique exposure to global thinkers and the most brilliant minds in the world - the best leaders in my opinion. I was able to validate and incubate my ideas by discussing and exploring my theories and hypothesis in that epicenter of global trade. The leaders there were kind and generous to me. They supported me in my pursuit of "relevance to this world". They kindly guided me and made introductions where necessary. My obsession for Africa Trade led me to engaging directly with the CEO of Walmart as well - he listened and extended support. On one of such occasions he asked me "What does Nigeria (Africa) want to sell?" His question was simple yet profound and I have been on a journey to discover not just what Africa wanted to sell to the world but what the world was also looking to sell to Africa and the most efficient and effective way to capture emerging trade opportunities with the region! When it was time for me to exit my "nest", I bid my farewell to Walmart and I have never looked back.

"Ever since I have been busy building the future for Africa and permit me to declare to you today. THE FUTURE IS NOW! AFRICA IS NOW!"

Want to know why? Watch below the "Why Africa? - Why Now?" presentation I delivered to Nebraska and Indiana Global Affairs Councils. Contact me directly at toyin@nazaru.com if you would like me to deliver a presentation to your Corporate Affairs and International Sales teams. Do not wait until too late - learn what it takes to trade with Africa today!

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