The 💪Power of Trade and Investment Promotion!

"People do not buy the UNKNOWN or from the UNKNOWN!" Toyin Umesiri

That statement summarizes what I want to talk about today...

A solid career in retail, in a way, prepared me for the work that I do today in advancing trade and investments as I continue to apply "retail-type" principles in building my business, platforms and brands. Unfortunately, I find that I have to spend time convincing others to invest time in promoting or marketing their products, services, countries or region - THEY DO NOT GET IT YET - In Retail we do because we know that businesses survive or die based on the type and level of marketing they invest in. Marketing is NOT an afterthought - it is the engine of business growth!

Many people that I work with still think that "if they build it they will come!" which is totally not true. The right equation looks something like this: "If you build it and you market it skillfully to the right stakeholders they will consider coming". "If you are consistent and demonstrate Social proof then they will be inclined to come". "If you also incentivize their buying from you they will strongly consider buying".

Consider that there is a huge gulf between you having a product or service and getting your target audience to buy from you - the bridge that will help you close that gap is MARKETING.

TRADE & INVESTMENT PROMOTION - must therefore be prioritized by trade and investment stakeholders looking to increase global and regional trade with Africa!

Africa is yet to be globally perceived as a region to do business with and the business and policy makers must begin to consistently tell their stories to attract the level of investments that they desire. RWANDA for example has got it right and in my sit down interviews and engagements with those investing in Rwanda it is clear that President Paul Kagame markets his country to stakeholders around the world. Remember the flak he got from sponsoring Arsenal Jerseys with "VISIT RWANDA" logo on the sleeves? Kenya is getting similar from selecting Naomi Campell as Tourism Ambassador. More of such should be welcomed.

At Nazaru LLC. we help close such gaps and support stakeholders in developing and executing effective export and investment promotion plans. We help connect Africa to global markets through, Trade and Investment Facilitation, Trade Events, Training, Market Entry Development and Consulting. We convene global events such as the Trade with Africa Business Summit, AfCFTA Roundtable, The Nigeria Investment Conference (NIC) and several other engagements through our many platforms and we host delegates from around the world on our exclusive membership digital platform: The Trade and Investment Network -

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