🔑Understanding the African Consumer is the Key to Unlocking Benefits from AfCFTA...

Africa is not a monolithic Society! The West likes to think that it is but they are wrong.... If you live in a western society like I do you will be made to believe, through years of systematic brainwash via western media, that the entirety of the African continent is poor, corrupt, and always fighting war and famine. It is an over generalized, over simplified view of a region that is home to more than 1 billion people.

"The African population is projected to double to 2.2 billion by 2050."

Why should we even care or bother about correcting this narrative? Well, you have decision makers around the world - both in the private and public sectors, making decisions in private boardrooms about Africa based on this warped version of AFRICA. And to make matters worse there are often no Africans invited into such rooms to correct these views.

Ultimately what we have here is a lack of respect for what I like to call the "African Intelligence"; which is the strategic view and perspective about Africa that only an African can provide to you!

So what is true about Africa?

Africa is diverse and many still think that they can sell successfully to Africans without spending any time to understand Africans...

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