We are Accelerating Trade with Africa Engagements through our Digital Platforms...

For years now I have hosted the Trade with Africa Business Summit - bringing together trade experts, investors, government representatives, diaspora and innovators to advance trade and investment dialogue. I am happy to share more with you today on how our digital platform, that houses the Trade with Africa® Network, is helping our members to achieve their trade and investment goals.

  1. B2B/B2G Network: For those who seek to engage in regional and global trade they know that the first and most important challenge is always how to find potential stakeholders that may be willing to explore buying from us, partnering or distributing our export products. The timeline to that has been cut down for our members. Immediately they join they are able to access stakeholders around the world all focused on advancing trade with Africa.
  2. Timely information: Staying abreast policy changes, available government programs and resources and import/export documentation requirements is a most for those in global trade. Over the years we have brought in speakers from African Union, African Export-Import Bank, United States Agencies such as USTDA, Commerce, Exim, World Trade Organizations and others to educate our community. We are now expanding such on the Trade with Africa® Network as well. In 2021 every month we will bring dynamic stakeholders to share with members of the Network the latest - For example we hosted The AfCFTA Roundtable which is a quarterly engagement on the platform.
  3. Access to Business, Export, Trade and Investment Training programs: We are growing an elite community of trade stakeholders on Trade with Africa® Network and our Trade and Investment Facilitation Masterclasses and is available for access by our executive members. In global trade knowledge is gold.
  4. Coaching: I like to joke that many people want to use us as the "Google of African Trade" - yes we have within our reach exclusive information and access that advances trade and investment however our commitment going forward is now being prioritized for only clients and member of the Trade with Africa® Network. Once you become a member we commit to your success as well.

Take a sneak peek below of our Digital platform and I invite you to subscribe to our membership to FastTrack and achieve your trade with Africa goals. You can contact us if interested in group rates for your sales teams.